The programme is design to produce an intermediate level individuals equipped with basics and essentials of understanding and operating computer applications cutting across the daily needs in computer usage; MS Office Suite; programming, networking, web technology and database.

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The entry requirements into Information and Communication Technology programme include the following:-

  1. Minimum Understanding of English language.
  2. At least finished primary school and above 12 years old
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The programme is undertaken in three (3) months within two (2) levels. Five core courses and two general courses are treated in level 1. And only four core courses in level 2.

In each level students are assessed by attendance, tests and coursework, and are examined at the end of each level.

Below are details of courses to be treated in each level

Level I
Course Code Course Title
ICT 101 Word Processing
ICT 102 Microsoft power point
ICT 103 Microsoft Excel
ICT 104 Introduction to Computer
ICT 105 Internet Technology
GNS 101 English and Communication Skills
GNS 102 Mathematics for Computing
Level II
Course Code Course Title
ICT 201 Introduction to Database using Microsoft Access
ICT 202 Introduction to programming
ICT 203 Introduction to Web Design
ICT 204 Introduction to Networking